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the only earth?

grr aargh

Dear George W. Bush,

These people are not activist judges or local officials [cnn].

Honestly, I'm not a fan of marriage or religion. Maybe the whole institution is outdated and should be reconsidered. Maybe there should be a civil contract for everyone and churches could still be allowed to do their rituals as they see fit. Maybe this is crazy talk: but we might think about keeping the church separate from the state.

But for now, I really like civil rights and using the Constitution to take away rights is repulsive. Furthermore, you don't even have a vote in the process (yet); so why don't you just shut up and think about bombs or retirement.


a concerned citizen


Hmm... I think the Massachusetts court may have some activist judges (defined as legislating from the bench) and Newsom's same sex marriage order defies not only the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (signed by Bill Clinton, as I'm sure you are aware) but also the CA ban on same sex marriage. What he's doing isn't legal, I think. However, it will get the issue into the CA courts, who will then be forced to square the CA Constitution with the state' s ban on gay marriage.

Some interesting articles on these topics are: San Francisco chooses the wrong way to flout the state, by Richard Thompson Ford; and both Bad City - What's an Attorney General to Do? and Full Faith and Credulous by Dahlia Lithwick (my favorite S.Ct. writer).

It's amazing to me how quickly this has come to the forefront of our country's politics. I thought for sure after Lawrence v. Texas that it would be at least a couple years before we saw any major decisions or movement on the issue. Scalia's prediction (or was it a self-fulfilling prophecy) may just come true.
yes. I saw those and agree with you. I just really hated Bush's speech and his reasons for promoting a Constitutional amendment. His whole contradictory conception of government and convenient interpretation of history infuriates me.


are you for or against legislating from the bench?