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chair, apartment

i'm on standby

Something unexciting that I find really amazing: I've simultaneously run out of a large percentage of my personal care products. Despite buying most of them at different times, they've all converged on emptiness. I wish that I was compulsive enough to make a graph of the refill cycles!

Yes. That is to say that I've been pretty busy with work/school (which are the same thing really) doing preliminary analyses of haplotypes of genes in the renin-angiotensin system and finishing my poster for the American Heart Association conference next week in San Francisco.

Our pub quiz efforts continue unrewarded. We are consistently a few points away from the cash, which is encouraging. I don't think that I can reasonably learn old pop culture that wasn't relevant to my life; so it might be time to try to brush up on history.


I had a few minutes of inspiration trying to invite people to join orkut, but I ran out of memorized email addresses. If you want to join (and who doesn't need a backup friendster?), please let me know.


It isn't letting me join...I've tried both my state and yahoo addresses (cause I can never remember which one is in our group email thing) and neither worked...Was I supposed to put in the group address? Cause that seems weird. Anyway. Or maybe my computer is just being crabby or something.
I've simultaneously run out of a large percentage of my personal care products.

weird. that happened to me last month. i've been trying to figure out how that actually happens when everything is purchased at different times and it just doesn't make sense.
I know! It's like the planets coming into alignment or something. The bad part is that it requires spending the whole personal care budget in one trip!