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... another gorgeous day in Seattle, and still there was a guy on the bus complaining about how Seattle Isn't Miami. No shit. Thanks for the lesson, buddy!

Today's brunch was at the 14 Carrot. The owner/manager was kind of crazy: she made us run from one table to another when it opened. The food was pretty good; so a little craziness is acceptable.

Speaking of craziness, has anyone noticed that the street corners along Eastlake feature plaques commemorating invertebrates. I would love to know the history of how an imprint of Rotifers came to be in the cement surrounded by custom glass.

And while we're on the subject of weird stuff on the sidewalk: there is now a high tech (self-cleaning) toilet on Broadway, near the Mongolian BBQ place. I saw it last week and didn't have to investigate, but maybe tomorrow I'll walk past it again.

After getting a haircut from my soon-to-be-married in San Francisco barber, I met Carole to see Lost in Translation. It was nice to see it again while it's still playing in theaters. I think that part of the reason that I like it so much is for all of the shots of perspectives changing with movement: people looking at bridges from cars or out windows at the city. I mean: the story is great too, but I love that kind of stuff. Seeing it a second time, I noticed a lot of details that I'd forgotten or missed since I knew where the story was going.

For dinner, we went to India Express. It was less tacky looking on the inside. The food was o.k., but it was seriously the spiciest ever tasted. It was an ordeal to eat just a little bit of it.

The Sex and the City finale: we waited six seasons to learn Mr. Big's name?
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