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follow up

great show.

first the wrens attacked my eardrums, and then the long winters weren't particularly gentle either. but it was fun and I hope the ringing will stop by morning.

during the wrens' set, John (the KEXP morning DJ) was rocking out in the front of the crowd next to Chris and me.

the only downfall was that we weren't able to get any of the new KEXP promotional (from/to icon) posters. The "from Pretty Girls Make Graves to Death Cab For Cutie" and "from Cat Power to Modest Mouse" were especially cute, but since we were close to the stage we didn't get a chance to pillage the bar area.


Nobody got any of the large posters. They were taken down and stowed behind the coat check desk the first time some drunk guy tried to snag one off of the wall.

I did manage to score one of the smaller ones (Spoon/Sugar), which is being framed as I type this.


taking the large ones did seem especially bold (or drunk); so I'm glad that no one got them. that way I don't need to feel bad about being underdrunk or underbold. I was planning to grab a small one after the show, but the walls were pretty much cleaned after the Wrens.

do you know if KEXP will be selling any of the posters? my apartment is already probably overdecorated in framed posters, but the from/to series was pretty neat.


I haven't heard any news about selling the smaller ones, but i think it would be a great fund raiser for the station. I thought the series was amazing.

Re: from/to

does your poster say who designed them?

Re: from/to

unfortunately, no, they don't. I sent an email to KEXP this morning, suggesting they sell them.