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what I did tonight

Went over to Rachel & Elena's to play games with a bunch of people. I arrived while they were playing Cranium and glommed on to the losing team. After that, we played Monopoly. I haven't played that in years, and it went on forever.

I did surprisingly well, mostly by offering people lots of cash for their property whenever they were on thre brink of bankruptcy due to landing on high rent spaces. This saved them from certain death and gave me half a chance. Soon the karma wore out and I did not win. The last half hour was just three of us playing so that I could go bankrupt.

Anyway, I made decent progress on paper #1 today, so I felt justified in not being a shut-in tonight. Tomorrow: look out biostat project, here I come.


Monopoly is more like "The Game That Takes Forever to Play and People Usually End up in Fights" boardgame.
I always preferred Candy Land.

can you believe that I never played candyland?

There was no fighting. I don't think any of us are big capitalists, so no one cared that much about winning.

Anyway, my family includes some high-stress game players so I've learned to be pretty laid back to compensate.

Re: can you believe that I never played candyland?

You should play candy land! Actually, I think Candyland is only fun when one is a kid, hmm.. I think a more adult version of Candy Land would be "Strip Candy Land." tehehe

Re: can you believe that I never played candyland?

Yikes - that takes edible underwear to a whole new level!


are you calling me a loser????

Hi, as a member of the so called "losing team" for Cranium, I prefer to think of it as "the team that built the most character". Sigh. Better luck next time.

Re: are you calling me a loser????

sorry - political correcness wins again, i meant to write: the team that stopped to smell the roses all the way to third place.


Re: are you calling me a loser????

As a member of the "winning team," I say WUAHAHAHAHAHA...