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chair, apartment

small step

after yesterday's long techfee meeting, I went to the Big Time for our department happy hour. We've consistently drawn an expanded table of people; so I consider it a success. I only stayed for an hour because I had plans to meet Carole for the Triplets of Belleville.

Killing time before the movie, we had a dessert crepe at Joe Bar, which is right across the street from the Harvard Exit. It's a really cute place and I don't know why I hadn't been there before last night.

The movie was good, but I'd heard so many good things about it; so it was kind of hard for it to live up to expectations. I liked the style because it was so much different from most of today's ultra-clean or computerized animation. Really, the movie lives or dies by the style (and the cuteness of the dog & tenacity of the grandmother) since the plot is pretty thin. Before the main attraction, they played Destino, the Dali-Disney collaboration. It was kind of neat, but it mostly reminded me of how I thought Dali was the greatest thing ever when I was in seventh grade and now I just think, "eh."

We had dinner at the DeLuxe (another unexplained first time) and then walked down to the Re-Bar (also 1st) hoping for people-watching. Instead, it was pretty empty so we paged through the Seattle Weekly, making fun of how their target demographic was desperate singles and how all of the personals were from 50-70 year olds. Eventually people started filling the dance floor, but the highlight was a trio of guys who were videotaping themselves doing crazy dance moves onstage with an "night vision" camera.

I waited for Carole to get a taxi and then walked back up the hill to my apartment. The distance seemed greater than usual. Perhaps, the effect of the drinkathon?


today I just picked up my apartment, ran some laundry through the machines, took some things back to the store, and was typically Saturday afternoon lazy.


tonight is the KEXP show at the Crocodile with The Wrens, The Long Winters, and Swell.


your life is "so seattle"

but i think thats awesome

do it for Paul Allen and Nancy Guppy...

please add a TM after any mention of 'so seattle'.

Re: do it for Paul Allen and Nancy Guppy...

so is it lame for me to say that?


I'm hoping to get my picture in the next tourist's guide.

quite often i find that...

Jason Kottke's blog and your livejournal appear to be on the same wavelength.

Re: quite often i find that...


I find it hard to remember to read more than a few non-livejournal weblogs. I guess I could add it as a syndicated feed.
Bruno was definitely my most favorite thing about the movie...I loved him barking at the trains and running/waddling up and down the stairs and especially his dream where the man from the train was barking at him. Bruno is the cutest.

I had hoped they would play Destino when I saw it, as I'd heard many theaters showing it were, but no such luck. Not a big deal, I was happy just to have the chance to see Triplets in the theater, but I was sort of interested in seeing it.