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the only earth?

the devil wears figure skates

You may remember the snowstorm in hell that coincided with Aaron's reported Dean Meetup attendance. The blizzard continues as he has now joined the ranks of first-time donors to a Democratic campaign. [601am]

Like Howard Dean [obituary of sorts on slate] I'll definitely support the eventual Democratic nominee. For now, I need a little break from caring (a.k.a. I don't want to invest in the possibility of an Edwards victory), but I hope that the rest of the states pick someone who will win.

p.s. this hell/ice metaphor is really a stretch, isn't it?


You know I didn't do anything for the Dean campaign. As I didn't feel that passionate about him (frankly). But I'm definitely going to volunteer for whoever wins the nomination.

But don't worry, you won't have to start really thinking about that until the summer.

Seriously, GW needs to go away. I'm freaked about the Court. Why is no one talking about that?


yes, the Supreme Court and the Senate. These are the real reasons that I'm worried about G.W. and really thinking that it's not that attractive to live in the U.S. if he wins again. If the Senate goes filibuster-proof Republican as part of a G.W. victory, then we're in trouble for a long time.

I'm really surprised that there haven't been any Supreme Court retirements during George Bush's term. Have they decided` that it would be inappropriate given the Court's role in election 2000? or are they waiting until they have the votes in the Senate to allow a very conservative nominee to go through? It seems like it would be politically tricky to do an appointment during an election cycle.


I would think O'Connor probably thought it a bit tacky to resign after the debacle. Either that or she saw some of the names the Administration put forth and was somewhat disturbed.

Rehnquist seems like he will never resign. He may have gone "mad with power, like that Albert Schweitzer guy." -- Moe Szyslak
"a little break from caring"


/cleaning my inbox/

... apparently the election continues with primaries today. who knew!

Re: /cleaning my inbox/

completely ignoring all of it.


What the hell? A lot of folks that I've been doing Dean stuff with are all of a sudden "i'm for edwards". What the hell? Seriously?