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beach, outside

hell's kitchen

I left the office early to catch a matinee showing of In America. Oh, the joy of a cheap good movie! Sure, a cynic might point out the potential over wise child or magical negro problems with the story. But I really didn't mind or the problems didn't materialize -- probably because Sarah and Emma Bolger, who play the daughters, are wonderful actors and are the heart of the story.

I've probably mentioned this, but I have an affinity for pretty movies about sad people. This one satisfies both parts, but I was more enamored with the pretty part: it's like a thousand beautiful pictures strung together. I probably could've watched it without the story and still enjoyed it. The scenes of the family's first entrance into New York are fantastic and the rest lived up to this introduction. This is not to say that the story isn't great too. If that isn't enough praise to get you to see it, go for the killer rendition of "Desperado."

Lately, I feel like watching movies on DVD is stupid. Even when there aren't big effects, it's so much better to watch on a big screen in the dark away from everything else.


I've heard that movie is very good, but I do hate movies with children as a general rule.

Have you seen "Triplets of Belleville"? (I can't remember.)
It's really good.

Did I tell you that Malinda think you and Chris are dating?


I think I like children in movies better than I like children in real life. So, as a general rule I don't hate movies with children, but I am suspiscious (yet I liked the Harry Potter movies). The sisters are really good and avoid sentimental preciousness.

I still haven't seen Triplets of Belleville. It's on the list, but I haven't really been in an animation mood. I feel like seeing a movie every day for a week to catch up.

That's funny about Malinda. Chris and I aren't dating.