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beach, outside

more of the same

The morning: working from home, cooking breakfast lunch from the few food items in my kitchen (gemelli, tomato sauce, green peas). I made a quick stop at the office to print, fax, and refer to the Stata programming manual.

Then a long techfee meeting with more questions than decisions. Yet it brought me to the U-District for nostalgic nutrition: a mocha from Solstice before and takeout from Thaiger Room on the way home. So, no complaints really.

Tonight: the Notwist and Themselves at Chop Suey.


oh yeah. two-day passes & camping permits for Coachella were purchased this afternoon!


Coachella. Lucky you!


lucky for me, bad for my bank account!
what a line up... i'm seriously envious. wtf is Indio, CA?


I think it's in the vicinity of Palm Springs.