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yesterday I took a tour of CARTAH. They are moving into a nice new space and often ask for money from the Techfee; so they invited some committee members to check it out. It was really neat and made me wish that I had some reason to integrate some digital arts into my studies.

then the usual monday of meetings, pub quiz, office stuff, etc.


today, I had the idea of working from home. In my mind, I see myself multi-tasking domestic things with academic stuff like writing code for statistical analyses and looking things up on the internet while I sit in my living room and the sun comes in through the blinds. It turns out more to be carrying laundry up and downstairs and making lunch and revising the table15 website until the laundry is over and then I go to victrola_cafe for chemical mental stimulation and reduced distractions. Yet it sort of works, and still the optimistic vision of it remains.

I really want to see City of God now that it's been re-released (a result of the Academy Award nominations?). Maybe tonight or tomorrow.

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