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the only earth?

silver lining

. . . at least Dean won in my precinct (and overall among our 13 precincts at S.C.C.C.). That's about the only good news today though.

Chris and I are two or our precinct's four Dean delegates.


Cool! I'm the sole Kerry delegate from my precinct and Devin is one of the Dean delegates.


wow. a divided household! not quite Matalin-Carville, but still.

yeah! delegatory optimism

Hey. I am one of the delegates for Dean from my precinct. Dean totally won our whole Ballard High Scene. The whole process was outstanding! I think May 1st will be f-u-n.

Re: yeah! delegatory optimism

shit. there's this huge outdoor indie rock spectacle (http://coachella.com) in Indio CA that weekend. I was thinking that I could just go to the county convention on the 8th, but now I'm not so sure.

I wanted to go all the way to Boston! And now, who knows?