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What a strange week. I think I've set an alarm for the majority of the weekdays. Of course, I still wake up before the alarm.

Today's wakeup was to go to finish writing another draft of the proposal for the pilot study. I hope that it made sense, since I sent it off this afternoon when the pull of the Dean office became too strong to resist. Tonight, I called people and asked them to coordinate their caucus site. It is much more fun to make calls to people who want to talk to you.

But my time there was short, because I needed to go to Chop Suey to volunteer at Music for America. While there, I sort of had the revelation that the decor is meant to look authentically fake, and somehow this might make me hate it less.

Anyway, the show featured Mines, Saeta, and Low. For much of the time, I hovered around the MFA table trying to help people find their caucus location. It was pretty funny, since most requests would require several people to huddle near the legislative district maps tracing streets with fingers and flashlights. Scribbling sites and addresses on pieces of paper and passing them back to potential voters.

At other times, I wandered through the club outfitted with a clipboard stacked with voter registration forms and wake-up call signup sheets. Most of the crowd was either registered to vote or lying.

I really liked Low, but by their second encore I wondered if I should've trained more. It felt like an endurance event to stand through the whole set while they played their long, heavy "hushcore" songs. The three of them on stage in front of red velvet curtains, making noises that remind me of plate tectonics, but pretty. some of their songs were surprisingly short and more upbeat than expected.

An aside: I've been lazy/late many times this week and have resorted to taking taxis. Most of the time, the drivers were very well informed / opinionated about the upcoming election. Tonight, bad math caused me to dramatically overtip my driver.

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