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I forgot to mention the best parts of last night's meetup:

At least one man cried while describing his history of support for Howard Dean. Somehow the story of getting married to his partner was woven into this testimonial. It is great that people love Howard Dean, but I think this is why the campaign has faltered. At some point, it became too much about itself and not about bringing the "ordinary Americans" onboard. I hope that has changed (a lesson from Iowa?) and that people will realize they can support Dean without being part of a freaky cult.

A reporter from the Washington Post was in attendance, furiously scribbling notes of people's stories, snapping digital photos, and (earlier in the evening) looking horrified to learn about the complicated rules and procedures involved with caucusing.

While I was writing postcards to the nice people in WI and VA, a Canadian woman was drawn into the spectacle of the MeetUp. She asked me if Howard Dean was actually at Uptown Espresso, inquired about why anyone wouldn't want to vote for Bush, and told me about how Canadians were getting in trouble for fraudulent expense accounts for travels to the U.S. At the end of the event, she picked up several pieces of campaign literature.

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