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i am not a stuffed tiger.

four shots of espresso | still tired

I was awake by 5 this morning to get ready to go to the Westin to guard a press platform and shepherd Dean supporters in and out of the ballroom. Later, after the clapping and handshaking was over, I watched the press luggage room. Yes, the life of the early morning volunteer is thrilling stuff. You should definitely visit your state office!

I stopped at the opthamologist, went home, changed my clothes, and went to my office to think about measures of RNA quality, correlated data, within-person comparisons, and corrections for multiple testing.

I held out for about six hours until it was time for more kool aid: an hour of calling people to make sure they were going to caucus, an hour of learning to caucus, an hour and a half of meeting up at Uptown Espresso and writing postcards to the good people of Wisconsin & Virginia. Instead of going home, I took the bus to Victrola to ride out the caffeine with a pot of herbal tea and a little more reading.

For whatever it's worth: The Stranger's Department of Homeland Security endorsed Howard Dean

If he doesn't win here, I think that I'll fall into a deep depression. The latest polls haven't convinced me that Kerry can win in November.


which polls? everything i've seen is very positive for kerry so far.


those are the ones that I don't believe (yet). For now, I think they still represent "unnamed democrat beats Bush in latest poll," which is still good news. I'm worried though, that Kerry's legislative record, 92% liberal approval rating, real media scruitny, etc. will quickly become a burden in the general election.

I don't know. It's not that I'm deeply infatuated with Howard Dean. I'm much more liberal than he is, but I think that's why he has(/had) a better shot at winning.


the latest usa today was a straight-up

kerry 54&, bush 46%

obviously, that number can't be totally trusted, but it's a nice sign. he polled the best of all the dems.
Kerry is attractive to most moderate voters.. personally there's elements of Dean that I like more than the other two candidates.

of course my political leaning is so all over the board.


I just don't know why moderates find him an attractive candidate.

I'm afraid that they'll re-evaluate once the G.O.P. starts exposing him as a Massachusetts liberal. He has the war record, which is nice, but he also has a long Senate career of no real accomplishments and a lot of flip-flops.
I feel the same way. There was so little we could do to help the outcome of the other primaries (other than letter writing, etc.), but if Dean doesn't win in Washington, it's like a personal insult to my ability to volunteer effectively!

wisconsin or bust?

... and if he doesn't win here, I really can't imagine that there's even a sliver of hope for the campaign to continue. I'm almost afraid that winning here is so expected that even a win here won't do much to stop his slide. My only real hope is that a couple wins will give the press (& other candidates) time to really evaluate Kerry's record and "electability."