josh (joshc) wrote,

three fors

For today's brunch: Crave, in the Capitol Hill Arts Center. The space was small, but very cute and the menu was interesting. The food was good too (though some said that it didn't live up to the descriptions), I had french toast soaked in orange custard with maple syrup and blue cheese butter.

For the Superbowl: an excellent, low key party at Geoff & Malinda's. Lots of fun foods, and a pool that no one won. We picked potential last the final score, but left some squares empty. Both the halftime and final scores were unclaimed; so everyone's money was returned. So much for participating in the biggest gambling holiday. The game was surprisingly good.

For the evening: I missed the big Survivor All Star edition to bus downtown to meet Carole & Jeff for the Shins at the Showbox. We had some drinks at the Green Room and caught the last half of the Vells, who were very sweaty. We chose to hang out in drink land, house left, which offered a good view of the stage while feeling somewhat disconnected. Maybe this feeling of disconnectedness was the result of Red Bull rather than geography. Still, I always love seeing the Shins live and "New Slang" wasn't ruined by its brief stint as a theme song for McDonald's fries. It seems that undergarments being thrown from the audience to the stage has become a regular part of the show.
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