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let's get out of the romance | friday

major topics covered within, in addition to the usual day-to-day stuff: Todai, Turrell, Anacortes, the Microphones, Phil Elvrum, re-linked articles, the Department of Safety

(laundry morning at home, reading techfee proposals)

impromptu lunch meetup with chris (& her friend jason) at Todai, the sushi buffet that took over the old Stars space at Pacific Place. I thought that the food was decent (but I'm not picky about sushi -- because I don't eat fish and just like wasabi). The place has cafeteria ambiance, but it's not a bad addition to downtown.

After the techfee meeting I stopped at the Henry to have a last(?) look at the Turrell exhibit. An oldish woman was sitting in the lobby singing the whole time I was there. "Spread," the blue room installation was still cool, but it looked kind of dirty and a bracelet thrown over the edge kind of broke the spell. It is much different to be in the room alone, compared to the last time when there were groups of people milling about.

When I got home I was feeling tired; so I went to victrola for some caffeine to pass the time before going to Anacortes.

Chris, Malinda, Geoff, & I drove to Anacortes (via pagliacci) to the Department of Safety for the Microphones / Mount Eerie. The space was really neat, filled with all agers, and it housed Phil Elvrum's first art show. Chris & I talked to Phil about his lost [and later found] journal and bought some art, which might be shipped to us at the end of the month. I say "might" because we just gave him our info on an index card and a check.

For the show, we were sitting near the stage on the concrete floor with carpet rectangles. It was very evocative of a elementary school assembly. But Phil Elvrum is probably one of the most quietly compelling people ever; so it really works. He & members from the other bands (Little WIngs and P:ano) filled every square inch of the small stage. For this performance, the steel drum was absent. Like the show at Luscious, the songs had a feeling of improvisation -- the song titles and keys were painted and posted on the curtain -- yet everything seemed to fit together perfectly. I have no idea, but it is amazing. For a band with recordings that are so intricate and innovative, it's amazing that the the ad hoc performances are so great. You sort of get a sense of this on the new live album.

My amy fusselman link from last week is appropriate here too.

Oh, and apparently the kids at the DoS are trying to circulate a petition to give Fidalgo Island to Canada. Yet another consequence of the creative class war?

Following the show, we stopped at the Donut House in Anacortes, which is actually a house that has been turned into a donut shop. It felt like a wholesome thing to do to fit with the spirit of the show.

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