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i am not a stuffed tiger.

out of order

After getting home late last night, I slept in this morning before going to Town Hall to volunteer for Howard Dean's appearance. When I arrived, a few hours early, there was already a line of people wrapping around the block to secure their place.

[six pictures]

I went inside, pasted a staff badge on my suit jacket and learned how to register people. Our mission was to make sure that we have as many supporters in the database. It was pretty hectic as we registered about a thousand people using a row of thirteen laptops.

By the time we'd closed registration and the auditorium was full, the line of people was still around the block standing in the rain. The foyer was used for standing room overflow and speakers were set up so that everyone could hear the speech. Eventually, I was able to join a pack of volunteers in making a run for the auditorium. Luckily, the fire marshall didn't show up to shut the place down.

Dean was great: very enthusiastic, answered questions, and took more shots at Bush than Kerry. And the crowd loved it. This amazing response, the energy of the crowd, and getting an email from one of my letters to an undecided voter (who's voting for Dean through a religious exemption) gives me a little bit of hope for the campaign.

I stayed to clean up and went back to the office to help enter data from new supporters. We need to get people to the caucuses -- to find your caucus location, click here.


That is so amazing - your quote in the newspaper, your participation in the volunteering efforts - you go!!!!!!!! I'm also jealous you got to see Dean!!!!!


I guess that's one of the benefits of living in a "must win" state -- Dean has to visit a few times. He'll be back tomorrow, but not in Seattle. There might be an event early Wednesday morning here too. God, I hope he can win here. I don't know how Michigan looks. The last polls were in MI were pretty dismal.

I hope this is the beginning and not the end.


Yeah, I'm going to keep working my putootie off until he tells me to stop. Who knows where it goes after that.

I'm sick of the media sabotage and American's ignorance. It sickens me.

Dean was there today right? I thought I saw that somewhere.


I was up this morning at 5 am to volunteer at his 8 am appearance in Seattle. Whee! fun stuff. He caught a fish at the Pike Place Public Market yesterday afternoon.