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you just missed him.

For now, I'm going to assume that the second line of this headline is just the Pitchfork News staff having a little fun with the internet:
Pixies, Radiohead, Kraftwerk Confirmed For Coachella Fest in May

Neutral Milk Hotel, Velvet Underground, Howard Dean tentatively booked for second night [pitchfork]

Even if Jeff Magnum won't be in Indio, I'm going to start looking for cheap flights.


p.s. take a look at Sub Pop's pdork website. According to "Live Wire" it was their front page last week, but they must have changed it (maybe to coincide with the publication of this week's Stranger?).


i think i'm gonna go. it's about 75% certain. i'll know by the ticket buying date though.


the lineup is getting better every day. I hope that I can convince some people to go!

Let me know when/if you decide.