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two weird things I see almost every day on my walk to work and wonder about for a few minutes:

The strange patch of grass over the gravel lot that was the former home of the spy supply store (on Eastlake between the Graceland and the trophy company). It's all fenced-in and there's a rusted muffler in the middle of the lot. Among all of the concrete, it's weird to see that small square of green.

A ten foot stretch of chain link and razor wire fence protects a twelve foot stretch of the Denny Way overpass. It only blocks a small portion of the north side and I can't figure out why it's there. Is it to stop people from jumping onto the freeway? If so, why would it be O.K. for suicidal people to throw themselves onto the southbound lanes? or even into the other side of the northbound I-5 traffic?


maybe the razor wire is there
to protect the overpass
from people who want to
spray graffiti?
I thought about that, but why only protect such a small part of the overpass. The highway sign on the south side is easily accesible. I could just reach over the edge and graffiti it without any effort -- the top is at the rail level.

I wonder if the fence was part of a failed experiment. It is just so weird. Maybe there's something important on the other side of that little fence that requires protection.