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at last! a rant in defense of Ikea and Starbucks:
There's an equally wrongheaded sibling rant, which is the eternal current of complaint lodged against Starbucks Coffee. Although there's probably more truth in the notion that Starbucks has made it difficult for independent local alternatives to survive . . . most critiques directed at the chain strike me as being built on the same shaky armature of self-righteousness, spoiledness, and ahistoricity. Like the blistering Ikea-hatred, there's something wildly out of scale in the tone and tenor of the criticism directed at Starbucks. [v-2]

Also on the Palahniuk topic, BoingBoing provides extensive links about the fainting phenomenon surrounding his latest short story collection. Maybe I'll listen to the MP3 of the reading the next time I need to feel ill. [bb]
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