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the only earth?

keep the dream alive?




but the media were there & the speech and conference call were good so we smiled and clapped.

there's always next week.

* according to the New York Times: 38.5-26.3-12.4-12.1-8.6-


I saw you on King 5 tonight!
woah.. celebrity.
my bad boring dreams are coming true!
neat! I think I was on earlier this year during a flash mob.

How many appearances does it take to be considered a local celebrity?
Probably 3.

Also, Dean still has the most delegates, so it's not a total loss.
that sounds about right. and they'd probably need to be more substantial than crowd shots. I'll hold off on the business cards.


Are the superdelegates already committed to their candidates or can they change their minds at the convention? And what happens to the delegates for drop-out candidates? Though it seems unlikely that Gephardt would give his delegates to Dean.

Superdelegates they have endorsed their candidates, so technically they could switch, but I think it's rare/frowned upon. And I don't know what happens to the s.d.'s for drop-outs. I think in CMB's case, since she openly endorsed Dean, they might go to him. Perhaps others get to choose a new candidate?
I stand corrected! According to Kos (who knows way more about this stuff than me), "as far as I can tell, they are able to change their mind at any time before the convention". That link also has some interesting polling data from last night. 2,500 out of 60k registered Republican voters wrote in a Democratic candidate in their ballot!
It's going to be hard to beat JFK
I'm afraid you might be half right. Hard for the democrats to beat him, but easy for Bush.

I hope I'm wrong.
I'm afraid of this too. BUT!! As they were saying, Dean's position is well above the rest of the pack, which is good. Real good. So we'll see. You do work there in WA. Dawn and I will do some work in SC and we'll hope lots of other people are doing their work in lots of other places.

I just can't handle it. JFK. Ugh.
who are these people voting for kerry?
and why are they voting for him?
he is very tall.
republicans who want a liberal candidate who will lose to Bush in 2004?

Really, I don't know. He's been in politics for a long time; so people are probably generally familiar with him. He is a veteran and the old love to vote. I don't understand why he's getting the anti-war vote when he's flip-flopped all over that issue. I believe that he probably was anti-Iraq War, but voted for the resolution so that he could run for president.