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thanking the academy

oscar nominations!

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King leads the count, but there are several interesting nominations in the list.

I'm pretty excited for Lost in Translation, it is nominated for best picture, original screenplay, director, and actor. Sophia Coppola is the first American woman to be nominated for best director & this is Bill Murray's first oscar nomination. It's too bad that Scarlett Johansson & Kevin Shields didn't get nominations, but I'm still happy.

I'm surprised to have already seen all of the best picture nominees.


I'm so heppy for lost in translation tooo!
I don't really think it will win (maybe Bill Murray?), but it's great that it's nominated.

Lord of the Rings deserves Best Picture & Best Director.


what did you think about seabiscuit? you must have seen it, if you saw them all, but i don't recall a post. maybe i just don't remember. i saw all of the others. i wanted a drink after mystic river. aarghh.

Re: so

I saw it over xmas break, when I was pretty lazy about posting. It was a good old fashioned triumphing over adversity all American story. I liked it, it hit all of the right marks to be moving, and the horse racing scenes were beautiful. I'd recommend it, but I don't think that it will win Best Picture.