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small miracles

Aside from other things, I finally figured out how to print from my iBook to the printer that's attached to one of the Windows NT computers in the student office. I had sort of given up on this ever working, but got bored one afternoon and learned about advanced printer adding, Samba, CUPS, and gimp-print and now it works. I don't think that I'll ever be able to get it to print double-sided, but for now I'm really quite pleased. My old way of printing was printing to PDF, saving it to the network, logging into a Windows machine, and printing; so this is much much better.

I called a bunch of people in places like Medical Lake and Spokane to find out who they were planning to support in the caucuses. Mostly, no one was home. Those who were home were mostly very old, undecided, or both. In general, I hate the telephone and leaving messages, but I guess it needs to be done.

The shining moment of tonight's pub quiz was being tied for first place at the end of the second round. It was pretty much downhill from there. Small victories, I suppose.

Oh, and by popular demand the four pictures from my trip to Whistler are now online for your viewing pleasure. They're all taken from the base level due to issues of visibility and injury/damage avoidance. Also, none of us are in the pictures. Other people took pictures of people; so I hope to get some of those later this week.

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