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of all of the tuesday morning quarterbacking [?] that I read this morning before heading downtown to the office, I think that my favorite was "Pre-Game Post-Game." Saletan updated the column throughout the caucuses and the morning-after and made some really thoughtful points about the race.

I worked for most of the afternoon (mostly email and administrative stuff) and then walked over to the Dean Seattle headquarters to volunteer (mostly data entry) and watch the State of the Union Address (which was horrible). I chose a good day to volunteer -- it was someone's birthday so there was cake & champagne. I'm going to try to do a few shifts a week since I'm short of cash, don't want to knock on doors, and want Dean to win.

On that note: there's a mid-month Meetup to make up for the snowy weather on the first Wednesday of this month. I'll probably go to the one at Piecora's.
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