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two days later, a post

Yesterday I didn't have brunch because of cellular incompatability, went downtown for a haircut, shopped and didn't buy, went to Victrola, bought groceries that I took home to cook, before watching HBO. If you can call boiling water for pasta and heating vegetables & sauce cooking. But there you go.

Today the office was closed; so I worked a little bit from home, ran/walked to and around Volunteer Park, and then Carole came over and we watched CNN covering the Iowa caucuses. My favorite part of the coverage was listening to the anchors try to think of things to say -- particularly when they were showing people in actual caucuses. My least favorite part was Dean finishing in third place.

I had ignored the polls from the last week showing that Kerry in first place, mostly because I didn't like them. At this point, I'm reminding myself that winning Iowa isn't really necessary for getting the nomination / winning the election and hoping that Kerry cuts into Clark's support in New Hampshire.

By the time 86% of the results were in, I left to meet the gang for the pub quiz at the Irish Emigrant. On the way, I caught up with Jenna (jenna_marie) who called to comiserate about the caucus results.

According to my results from the OnTheIssues quiz, I should be happy about Kerry's Iowa victory, but I'd rather have someone who can win.

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