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shaken, not stirred

Yesterday's New York Times brought big for gin lovers everywhere in the form of "I Dreamed I Wore My Martini"
I drink martinis, gimlets, too. I thought that was living the gin lifestyle until I heard that Bombay Sapphire, the blue-bottled premium gin label, was introducing Infusion . . . a gin fragrance [nyt]

Now it will be possible to reap all the benefits of a great drink without all of the unfortunate side effects like having fun and getting drunk!


frankly, i think that sounds gross.

while i like gin, smelling like gin is not necessarily a good thing?

also, i bet it will be cheaper to just douse yourself in gin (even bombay sapphire) rather than buy the perfume.

did i ever tell you about the free sunglasses i got on my way to africa for buying two bottles of bombay sapphire at the duty free shop? i gave them to mathew. he's probably lost them by now.

Mathew brushing his teeth after vomiting from meat poisoning, while wearing Bombay Sapphire sunglasses.
Thank you for this wonderful comment. I am slightly jealous of those sunglasses.