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This morning has been like Jell-O. That's an expression that my middle band director used to use in a slightly different context. But that is how it feels today. I blame the slowness on ignoring my alarm clock.

All week I've been having stupid dreams. Part of my dream last night involved playing scrabble with M&M's and getting sucked into a movie. The story was summer camp nostalgia turns horror. It was really strange how I had this whole narrative structure worked out. Wanting to know what happened, I refused to get up when my alarm went off too early. I think it turned into a horror movie after I went back to sleep. As is the case with most teen horror films, a motorcycle riding psycho kept killing people. I think that a couple of the characters survived.


playing scrabble with m&m's would be so difficult.. i mean, all you would have would be the m's and w's and the occassional messed up letters that look like u's and n's. the only words you could form would be words that aren't even realistic... but i guess that would be alright if it was in a dream.