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This morning has been like Jell-O. That's an expression that my middle band director used to use in a slightly different context. But that is how it feels today. I blame the slowness on ignoring my alarm clock.

All week I've been having stupid dreams. Part of my dream last night involved playing scrabble with M&M's and getting sucked into a movie. The story was summer camp nostalgia turns horror. It was really strange how I had this whole narrative structure worked out. Wanting to know what happened, I refused to get up when my alarm went off too early. I think it turned into a horror movie after I went back to sleep. As is the case with most teen horror films, a motorcycle riding psycho kept killing people. I think that a couple of the characters survived.



In a band way. Like it took a lot of effort to get us to play something correctly. Maybe I'm creating fake memories?