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long overdue

A bit of good news in the latest Barsuk newsletter:
On March 9th we'll be releasing the excellent second CD (and first Barsuk release) from Seattle trio Aveo (ah-VAY-o, say it now, all together: ah-VAY-o). Some of you may have seen Aveo opening shows a while back with Death Cab and the Dismemberment Plan. An MP3 file from the upcoming record, BATTERY, is available on the website. [barsuk]

Supposedly they've been waiting forever to get someone to distribute their new album. I'm glad it's Barsuk!


sweet. i only have their 8 song album, but it's a good one!

9 songs!

I'm looking forward to seeing them again. The last time was at a Music For America benefit and they only played a few songs before walking off stage.
I will never understand why you like them! The hat, too!

I think I still owe you money. :( Would you do anther accounting for me?


I think you owe me $40.

Aveo is good: William Wilson and Jeff MacIsaac are fascinating to watch onstage, and they're musically talented. But I'll admit to being mildly irrational about them. I think they were one of the first local bands that I saw after moving to Seattle; so I won't hold some bad fashion choices against them.