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i am not a stuffed tiger.

politics unusual

Salon is escalating their political coverage for this year's election cycle. In a letter from the editor, they announce expanded coverage, a war room 'blog, and a collaboration with Rolling Stone. But here's the part that I'm most excited about:
. . . the talented novelist and memoirist Dave Eggers -- who once served a stint as an underpaid Salon editor before he was crowned with literary glory -- is returning to Salon with a bitingly funny novel about the American political circus that we will begin serializing on Monday, Jan. 26. Eggers' serial will appear every other week, exclusively in Salon. [ salon ]

I'm really glad that Salon has survived. I know that they've scaled back, but it's good to know that they're still around doing interesting things. I have no regrets about my premium subscription.


This just makes me even more annoyed that I can't read Salon at work anymore! It's completely ridiculous that it's a "restricted site" all of a sudden. I must find a way to get around the system and access it...
That is really weird. What does the state of Michigan have against Salon.com?

I remember reading about websites that could get you around web blocking, but now I can't remember the URL. You might be able to look around to find a proxy server? I'll let you know if I remember something helpful.

strange.... the post right above this one had a reference to dave eggers and I bookmarked it thinking "sounds like I need to get in to reading this guy", then here it is again! ah, the world

I can't read that top secret post, but I'd recommend both his memoir (A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius) and his fiction (You Shall Know Our Velocity!).