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So. There's a Starbucks in my building and I occasionally go there. I don't really hate Starbucks, since I think they're not really an evil corporation. Of course, I like Victrola & Solstice better, but you know they're kind of local.

The point of this is to say that I went to Starbucks today and noticed their new marketing tool. It's a precious twenty-page booklet called "Make It Your Drink: A Guide to Starbucks® Beverages." The contents aren't online, but the press release is.

Along with a glossary of terms, a catalog of syrups, and numerous pages about ingredient selection, the booklet explains "How to Order"
If you're nervous about ordering, don't be.
. . . if we call your drink back in a way that's different from what you told us, we're not correcting you. We're just translating your order into "barista-speak" -- a standard way our baristas callout orders. This language gives the baristas the info they need in the order they need it, so they can make your drink as quickly and efficiently as possible.
"Barista-speak" is easy to learn. It's all about the order of information. There are five steps to the process. (1) Cup, (2) Shots and size, (3) Syrup, (4) Milk and other modifiers, (5) The drink itself

In case this is too overwhelming for multiple visits, the back cover features a detachable card that has a script for you to use when ordering.

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