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chair, apartment


This morning I went to the bookstore to buy some postcards to send to the Iowans. Fifteen postcards doesn't seem like much, but after an hour or so of sitting upstairs at Bauhaus trying to fit some motivation on the back of a card featuring the Space Needle or whatever, one's hands get tired and cramped. How strange it must be to be an Iowan, getting letters and postcards from strangers who just want you to vote for someone! I left an email address on the cards, not because I really want to hear from them but just because it would've seemed unfair otherwise. As I was writing, I kept thinking of the Club For Growth anti-Dean ad and how funny it seemed to be drinking a latte while supporting Howard Dean.

I had a couple of meetings this afternoon and then I stayed at the office to catch up with my email.

I left my ATM card in the machine on the way home (/via downtown to buy some new scarves). I blame my error on the machine's irregular behavior of requiring me to insert the card for each transaction.

In other brain dead news, I'm trying to extend the AppleCare on my iPod which I apparently forgot to register. Now, despite my saving almost every receipt for years, I can't find the invoice that I need to prove when I bought it (of course it's no longer online at Dell). There must be something in the stack of envelopes and folders, but with two moves since my purchase it will be hard to locate. Otherwise, I'll need to wait for Dell to send me a copy.


I hate writing those letters to Iowa...it just seems so weird. I have mixed feelings about it. Like I see the usefulness because it is a nicer, more personal way to get information out to the Iowa voters. On the other hand, if I started getting letters from strangers telling me who to vote for, I might be really annoyed - I get enough junk mail as it is! Maybe the Iowans are used to it and are less easily annoyed than me, though. I almost would like to hear back from them, just to know what they thought when they got some random letter from me in the mail!
I'll definitely report my findings if anyone from Iowa emails based on the postcards. It is pretty crazy how much attention the voters get in that state.