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chair, apartment

a month of sundays

I worked from home (/ watched a download of Sunday's Alias) and my home office (Victrola) today, where I started working on the beginnings of an analysis of new RAS haplotype data. The tart with berries imported from France was of great assistance in my endeavors.

Continuing to waste time, I tried to find archives of the Yahoo! Cool Links from the early days of the Internet, but they aren't in the Internet Archive or on the site. The first picks of the year are online. This might be the first "Picks of the Week." Paging back through the weeks is pretty fascinating, though few of the links are still valid.

What I was looking for was one of the early "Cool Sites" that was some guy's online journal. I've been wanting to find it for a while, but haven't really looked until now. It seems like it should be the American Family of the online journaling world, but I can't think of the right search terms to find it.


Weirdness: David Denby is on Charlie Rose talking about losing a huge amount of money in the stock market (American Sucker) and getting obsessed with Internet porn after his divorce. I had no idea.