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We get up early and try to find a beach for snorkeling which involves random driving to pass time until the Park opens. then a long drive down a volcanic road really more rugged than the Breeze Could handle. Anyway at the end was Some pretty cool snorkeling along the rim of the bay. Super Cool fish - even camoflauged one from my old Nature books. also, some abandoned house / research station. Bad part: no showers so we go to the airport Salty. Brad insists on changing making us semi-late. It works out okay, Mark and I even get the coveted emergency exit seats.

Back on Oahu, we grub lunch at Zippy's and I get a couple hours at the Waikiki beach to sleep in the sun while Nancy Shops and the others root around the Salvation army for Brad clothes.

We meet up again for the Don Ho show (another Brad thing) The Show is fairly ridiculous but at least we get a cocktail. Don Ho tells awful jokes and Barbara Eden shows up for a song. Dinner in the International marketplace and back home to pack.

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