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After Arches, we headed back to Colorado for another National Park - Mesa Verde. Situated deep within the Canyons of Colorado are the abandoned dwellings of the Ancient Puebloans (aka Anasazi) who farmed and lived in the Canyons throughout the Common Era until Something (drought -ink- prompted their abandonment in the 1300 'S.

These people lived in pithouses which developed into Adobe villages. Circular kivas are supposed to have been religious or healing centers. The most spectacular parts of the ruins are those that remain in the cliffs.

Even the winding path through the canyon to the sites was awesome. The evening light on the deep walls enclosing the vegetation was a magnificent setting.

Unfortunately (from my perspective), we were too life for any ranger-guided programs. So we went to the museum for a film and exhibits about the life of these mysterious people. Just a short hike from the museum was the Sprue Tree House ruins. this was the closest that we got to the ruins in the park. we Could walk up to the chains and look into the dwellings. the strange aspect was the number of foreigners who were there, asking questions about Indian life to the part-Navajo ranger.

By this time, Dawn had a headache, so hiking was out of the picture. Instead, we drove through the Mesa- top loop where different stages 6 architectural development were preserved in ruins.

Some of the Sites were really incredible views across canyons that buggies my mind. I kept thinking how great it would be to live in that kind of world. I could imagine waking in the sun-drenched canyon, farming corn and living in the cliffs. The dwellings were so inventive and made great use of space. To have lived then, or even to Stay for weeks in the park among the wins 'end the evergreens would be so wonderful for the soul.

I could have stayed much longer is the point that I'm trying to get at but that isn't the sort of trip that happens with Brad.

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