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arches, styles

Because of the shifting time zones, we were up and rolling relatively early to our first national park, Arches, in Utah. The place was amazing, Sheer cliffs and of course, arches throughout the park.

we started the morning on a hike through the 'courthouse' and drove to other sites in the Park. Brad is not much of an appreciator of geological beauty which has colored our Sightseeing to date. Not much for Stopping and gazing which I don't mind, we were pushed through several points because of this which seemed to spread to Dawn.

I don't really mind terribly, just that lingering and being a part of the landscape is more my style.

Anyway, I was very impressed with this National Park and it provided a first taste of the amazing beauty of the American Southwest. the landscape is so desolate and breathtaking - it would be wonderful to be completely immersed in is without a schedule.