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I've never really been able to study. An exam tomorrow and I'm fixed on the television and on this. The X-files is back and it is awesome.

I don't care What the folks on Salon's Table Talk say, Conspiracy Episodes make the show.

I need two consecutive weekends doing
nothing productive is quite nice, but I am no closer to caught up than I was last Sunday at this time - just further behind.

yesterday was all about Jenna's Birthday. I have quite a career in party planning and management. Much cooking and serving and keeping things moving is certainly easier than actual interaction. I don't really if that is the real issue, just that with my geneadogy to the Moms, it would be impossible to stand by when there was stuff to be done.

After the big show, the scene cleared out for Nick & Fred to drink rum and watch Scooby Doo. After that, we went to Harper's for some nice dancing and American Wheat. InSol sang some covers, and after a while, everyone left, leaving Jenna , Beckie & their my gay friend Mark boogy-ing the night away between a number of floor fuckers. That being the case, I split the scene as well.

Soon, they're back again, and we're Singing French folk songs over Martinis.

Today was not so noteworthy mostly vegetation In the glow of the television. Went to the library on the blades for moderate exercise. I'm almost to the point of fitness. I can feel the inertia being overcome. Watched Primay Colors and I really want to work on a campaign but I don't really know how to get there.

Studying isn't looking quite so promising. Damn "the man" for putting the Practice on after the X-files. Ill never get anything done!

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