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Last weekend took a ski weekend with the family & their gang. an absolutely gorgeous weekend - highly unlikely for Michigan. mostly spent my time with Sarah, who is now a snowboarder.

Mostly the guys came, the girls were otherwise occupied. Saturday night we all went out to Fazoli's & to the jungle arcade. Lawrence, Brent's friend, & Sarah thoroughy schooled me & Mike in a game of pool.

The next day we went to the Highlands. Skiied in the morning & Snowboarded In the afternoon to Sarah's delight. I did pretty okay, but this was physically torturous. By the end, I could barely make it down the wimpy Cathy's Run. The bumps & stresses of this gave me a nice migraine to end the day. good fun for the ride home. very very sore muscles atter these 2-3 hours of fun.

So sore that I went to bed early-ish & Skipped Cells & Development (no big loss). However, I made it to the lab meeting, took a nap, went to policy. Wacky fun.

Found out Andres was at Nubs at the Same time as me, but we never met up. It would have been strange - maybe fun, but Strange. I'm not particulary good at the whole male friendship gig. No practice, I guess. Probably one of those topics that fall under the mantra It'll hurt at first...

By the end of the day, I still feel sore, but not so bad any more. Just a little now & more tired than anything else. I can feel the absence of my Claritin. finally got Men's Health , one less excuse to avoid the IM. Better sleep.

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