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I wish that I had it in me to keep a journal of my random thoughts, but I just don't think that it is likely to happen. I suppose this is a beginning. Maybe it is also an end.

It seums like a journal should in part be a record of the events of the day. so here Goes: typical sunday with siskel, ebert, and the quizbusters. after that, big fun cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. (I have accepted that everyone has different standards of cleanliness - it is just disturbing to realize how low the standards of my housemates actually are. Even more frightening is the supposition that others fall even below them!) I guess this is mom's legacy showing through - and Some dispute the nurture hypothesis. If this is nature, I'd like to find the gene - on second thought, it may exist in a tendancy toward compulsion, or a frequency of walnution of environmental conditions pathway, but nurture seems to play a part... but who will inves+iga1e th genetics of nurture? again a second thought ... I think that such thirgs have been found and are transmitted through the paternal side (maybe - this would require further recollection).

Anyway, then a bean burrito lunch with Jenna & Jennifer Was followed by a trip to Celebration! Cinemas. Nick tagged along, very shocked to find Jennifer here (again).

my persistence got us to seeing Shakespeare in Love. definitely a beautiful movie in all regards. funny, heartbreaking, gorgeously filmed, generally great. Nick thought it dragged (but liked it ?) and it sble Jenna's soul & put it on the screen. one of my favorites of the year along with Babe: Pig in the City [those are the only 2 I've seen n but they'll hold up] All this was followed by Fazoli's & an over zealous bread girl. Then home for Television.

Classes start tomorrow - only a semester left & still no plans on this end. This letting go and letting life happen is starting to get scary. At he same time, though, I can feel things coming together just a little way off.

My Motto for the new year: accept that it is going to hurt because it is probably for the best.

maybe that is more a mantra than a motto . . .

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