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Now i am on a standard issue twin bed in room 236 of Village C at Georgetown University while Martha is showering and Jennifer is being welcomed to the NAWE conference. I, fresh as a daisy just exited the shower, in this room in which i am a castaway.

In this regard, Jenna has saved the day for us. The people at the conference believe that Jennifer has a roommate named Jenna Caron. We, however, know better as jenna is known to be holding down the fort at Toad Lane Cooperative House for the weekend. Armed with this knowledge, we have a place to stay though we do not have a key or access card, putting us at the mercy of the conference schedule.

when the showering is completed, we will have some time to explore the area. Actually, we have a huge amount of hours to fill with a 9:30 rendezvous scheduled.

By the time we were ready to go, it was about 2:30 PM. Though we considered taking a bus, we ended-up walking int0 the lincoln monument. It was probably not the most direct route, but there were nice paths for walking and biking most of the way. After this hike and a visit to the Korean War memorial (with an unplanned visit to the veterans of WW (I?) of D.C. monument), we went down to the mall to explore the Smithsonian which was open until 5:30.

This was a nice surprise, as i assumed that the city went to sleep at 4:30. an even better surprise was that the art museums were open until 8:00. It suddenly looked much easier to find a way to fill the time. our museum trip included an excursion fo the castle, Arts & Industry, Hirshorn, several gardens, and a film called frozen from China.
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