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on the road again

Here we are on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in the middle of the night on the way to washington D.C., our nation's showplace. Martha has been driving forever and Jennifer is asleep in the back eat of her mother's Oldsmobile. Suddenly, it seems that the once smooth turnpike has turned to bumps. I have occupied the front passenger seat, which some so lovingly call shotgun, though my feelings about firearms prohibit me from employing this colloquialism.

all along the side of the road, truck drivers are found to have called It a night, slumbering in the cabins of their vehicles in the occasional widening. This option is becoming more and more attractive as the clock ticks onward and the miles gather behind us. I suppose that there is an element of danger to roadside camping, but at this point in my life, death isn`t all that frightening.

The odd part is that i never really even considered sleeping on the side of the road to be personally scary. Actually, my first thought was that it would make a pretty good story to spice-up the voyage so far. And that as a general rule, sleeping outside is pretty cool in limited quantities. And, that checking into a hotel for six hours approaches a definition of futility in my mind.

This attitude is probably a condition of a theme-park youth in which fearful experiences were controlled substances with happy endings. I just can't concieve of disasterous consequences. This is probably dangerous. I cope by putting things like this into the future, until suddenly the future merges with the present and it is too late to even attempt to avert disaster or whatever. This way the responsibility shifts from worry to cope.

Reading Douglas Coupland's Life After God was a very good thing f0r me, I think. Sometime, very soon, i imagine, I will go through it again and take some quotes that were particularly good.

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