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the only earth?

echo chamber

This Modern World reports a breaking Fox News story:

"Howard Dean Loses His Temper on the Campaign Trail"


Salon reports on the liberal media's treatment of recent democratic front-runners:
In 2000, Vice President Al Gore suffered from chronically caustic coverage that clung to all sorts of fictional, Republican-inspired spin about the vice president being an unlikable, untrustworthy exaggerator. Suddenly, as with Gore in 2000, it seems Dean is battling not only his Democratic opponents and Republican Party officials, he's also wrestling members of the media's chattering class who view him with growing unease and even contempt. [ Salon ]


OMG stop the Fox News presses!!! Dean is speaking his mind about something, and he disagrees with the Bush Administration!!!!!

code orange

that's enough to put Fox on high alert!
the daily show had a nice piece on this the other night. dean must have an anger problem because the media keeps saying he does :)


some scary poll numbers included in david brooks' editorial today:


"In a Bush-Dean matchup, 20 percent of Democrats would vote for Bush, according to a CBS poll, while only 3 percent of Republicans would vote for Dean."


i've come to the conclusion that i don't like dean as a candidate or as a person. i find him untrustworthy, though will vote for him in november if he is the candidate.
What about Clark?
the only poll numbers i've seen on clark were on meet the press on sunday, and he's gaining a lot of ground in new hampshire. he (and edwards) will probably do very well in the southern states (south carolina, oklahoma, tennessee), and i'm not sure dean still be the frontrunner after those primaries.

i always thought kerry was the most qualified, but it might have taken him too long to abandon the senate-speak that bores voters to death. clark is still feeling his way through domestic policy issues, but i think he makes for a very strong candidate overall.
I wish he had more support. He's someone I think everyone can like. I think since we had Clinton, we've had a constant state of scandal in the presidency. We need someone we can look up to. Clinton was our pal and Bush is an AWOL idiot. Clark is a war hero who went to Oxford. Who can beat that?
i agree that he has a solid background that should serve him well. his major drawback seems to simply be that he's not a politician. people keep claiming they like someone like that, but it ends up causing numerous gaffes during a campaign. he actually has very solid support across the country among democrats & will be fine as long as he runs a strong 2nd or 3rd in new hampshire.

kerry served in vietnam (and then forcefully spoke against the war in congressional testimony) and has 35 years in the senate (intelligence & foreign relations committees, among others). he didn't go to oxford, but i like his policy positions.
I find it hard to believe much of anything written by David Brooks. At this point, I think it's too early to know how Democrats will feel. Once the field is narrowed by the first round of primaries, I think that it will be easier for people to get behind a single candidate.
the quote i used was from a cbs poll.

whether or not you agree with his analysis, the numbers gallup & cbs/nyt are getting are worth consideration.
They're worth consideration, but polls right now are wildly variable. A week ago, one poll showed a five point race between Dean & Bush. The election is still almost a year away. I have a feeling that the result will depend more on Bush / the economy / Iraq than the democratic candidate.