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chair, apartment

1/2 hobo, 1/2 morning bowl yogurt only

Woke up relatively early, swiffered the apartment, watched political shows, and met up with Chris for brunch. We walked down to the Green Cat, where the food was excellent, but the wait was long. We saw Kailin there, and she suggested that this is because every meal is made with love. She & Steven were just getting their meal when we left an hour later.

Later, I walked downtown for some shopping. For the most part I restrained my spending, but I might follow up with some purchases next week. I really need to think in terms of furniture vs. clothing since my apartment decoration is very much stalled.

I had some tea at Victrola and caught up on my New Yorker reading. Before heading home for Sunday night television, I picked up some food for the refrigerator at Rainbow Grocery.


glad you finished the New Yorker. i managed to finish the last half of the book I was reading. I'm sure I'll summarize it tomorrow evening.
finishing half a book is much more impressive. I don't know what happened to my attention span. It's on holiday somewhere. Or it was killed by the Internet.
I'm so glad I don't know what the internet is.