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the only earth?

on the issues

Online NewsHour and WBUR present this Vote By Issue Quiz comparing the candidates for the 2004 Democratic Primary. You can also read statements about fourteen issues by candidate.

The problem with this site is that so many of the prepared response statements are too similar to differentiate between candidates. Does anyone know of a better resource for comparing the candidates on major issues?

Or maybe they're all just remarkably similar. That might explains why nearly 40% [of Iowans] who express a preference say they could still switch before the caucuses.

[p.s. that link has an interesting dissection of the latest L.A. Times poll showing Dean ahead of Gephardt 30-23 in Iowa]


it's only done in pieces, and the grading system should pretty much be ignored, but the new republic has been following the candidates and judging what has been said or done. there are also some really good links on the right side of the page. the mag also just published its endorsements... i'm not sure if the editors are just trying to stir up debate or truly have lost their collective minds ;)

there was an interesting article in the new york times today discussing iowa, including john edwards' late run, and how (and *why*) harkin is actually trying to help edwards get more votes.

dan savage wrote an editorial last week saying that the same loopholes are still in place that allowed him to participate in the caucuses back in 2000. the final results could be horribly skewed by a lot of registered voters who aren't actually iowans.