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chair, apartment


when I post a bunch of links, you can probably guess that my day has been about fun stuff like folding laundry, walking to the post office with a hand cart to pick up a giant package full of left behind xmas stuff, feeling jittery from my albuterol inhaler, and listening to songs in alphabetical order on my iPod.


Albuterol is like the worst thing ever. I hate the jitteriness and how hard my heart seems to pound when I use it. Unfortunately, breathing is necessary so I guess I have to put up with it. Are you just using it because you're sick?
yes. mostly because I was sick and can't get rid of my cough/shortness of breath. I usually need to use an inhaler a couple of times a year and just hate it. I always assumed that I just had a weird reaction, but it sounds like it is universally crapppy.

After a week of using it, I'm getting used to it. And like you said breathing is necessary.
You definitely aren't the only one with that reaction. I go through periods where I have to use my inhaler a couple of times every day for weeks at a time to control my asthma and I still get all jittery and weird when I use it. Asthma is the dumbest thing ever.