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chair, apartment

the terrible war

laundry this morning and techfee this afternoon. There were still a couple of piles of snow left on campus, but for the most part the weather is back to normal. sort of warm and occasionally rainy.

tonight, Carole & I went to see Cold Mountain, which was very Minghella. I mean, it was pretty good, but I really could've believed in a happy ending. Jack White seemed a little gimmicky though, but that's probably just me. After watching, I kind of feel like having a fake southern accent.

In the vast wasteland of downtown food options, we settled on a malt at Johnny Rocket's before going home.


as far as downtown food goes, i love the hurricane. i miss it.
yeah. but it doesn't seem close to the downtown multiplexes. i want walking distance!
that's true. it's a totally different part of downtown.
what about hot dog on a stick? everyone loves corn dogs? :-P
i like morningstar vegetarian corn dogs, but I doubt they're available streetside. anyway, we were looking for an indoor experience.

I guess the lazy have no right to complain about corporate dining.