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chair, apartment

the terrible war

laundry this morning and techfee this afternoon. There were still a couple of piles of snow left on campus, but for the most part the weather is back to normal. sort of warm and occasionally rainy.

tonight, Carole & I went to see Cold Mountain, which was very Minghella. I mean, it was pretty good, but I really could've believed in a happy ending. Jack White seemed a little gimmicky though, but that's probably just me. After watching, I kind of feel like having a fake southern accent.

In the vast wasteland of downtown food options, we settled on a malt at Johnny Rocket's before going home.


i thought jack white was good. what i didn't like was the other guy in the trio, the mentally challenged one. someone told me that in the book he's actually retarded, but they really glossed it over in the movie. he just seemed like a dumbass who liked to get people in trouble. it made me feel sad that they didn't explain that it wasn't his fault that he was stupid. :)

i agree it coulda been lots better, but it was still very enjoyable.
I agree. I think that he was fine, I just kept thinking, "that's Jack White, not Ryan Adams!"

It was really weird that they didn't make it clear that the slow guy was mentally challenged, and not just stupid. Would a mentally retarded guy really be sent off to war?