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lost link

An article in today's New York Times about the remarkable 1,300-year-old lost & found system in Japan:
Children are taught from early on to hand in anything they find to the police in their neighborhoods. So most of the 200 to 300 people who come to the center every day take the system for granted [nyt]

The most commonly lost & least commonly reclaimed item: umbrellas. This reminds me that my thin/flat sharper image umbrella is still missing.


1,300 years? That's creepy. My mom and dad used to tell me to return lost things to the police/teacher when I was growing up.

Funny how the police are held with much more respect there than in the US. There are also little police kiosks/small 1 room studio-sized stations everywhere in Japan.
I think they just mean that a lost & found system has been codified for 1,300 years. I doubt there are any 1,300-year-old items in the system.
haha yeah, the system. not 1,300 year old items, although that still might be just as cool.

Your umbrella

I think I see it in the picture, it's near the back.

Re: Your umbrella


I'm waiting for a good price on a ticket to Tokyo so that I can claim it.