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the only earth?

move on

Joan Walsh writes a smart piece about the ridiculous controversy surrounding a couple of entries in MoveOn's Bush in 30 Seconds contest:
Another day, another big Republican lie. . . as those who've followed the story know, MoveOn didn't sponsor or create, let alone televise, ads comparing Bush to Hitler. MoveOn's issue-advertising arm, the MoveOn Voter Fund, ran an innovative contest, "Bush in 30 Seconds," challenging its members to make their own political ads illustrating the shortcomings of the Bush administration in a humorous, creative way. [salon]

Check out the finalists if you have time & bandwidth. (If you don't have the patience or high-speed connection, stills are posted and Charles Taylor reviews some of them at Salon.) The winner will be announced on 12 January.


Dean Meetup?

You going to a Dean meetup tonight? If so, which one? I'm going to the U-District one.

Re: Dean Meetup?

hmm. outlook uncertain, try again later.

I ate some poisonous Thai food for dinner last night and have been sick ever since. So, while the worst has passed, meetup looks unlikely. If I went, I'd go to the U-District one. Chris is going too.

Thank you oh magic oracle

Bummer! Hope you're feeling better!

I went to the u-district one, it was the best meetup I've been to I think. Chris was not there (that's not what made it the best).

Re: Thank you oh magic oracle

other than Chris not showing up, did anything particularly great happen? The last time I went to the U-District meetup, no one "official" was present; so it was kind of a free-for-all.

Re: Thank you oh magic oracle

No one "official" was at this one either, and that's what made it so good. The unofficial leaders must have had their shit together a bit more this month. They just talked about the caucus (Feb 7, 10am) and opened up the floor. Most of the talk was also about the caucus and about helping out in Iowa/NH, but it felt more like a town meeting than a lecture, and that's what I liked about it.

Re: Thank you oh magic oracle

It seems really weird that no official people show up at that Meetup. Maybe there's a secret official, but he wants to make it seem spontaneous. It also seemed weird that there wasn't a Capitol Hill meetup location.

I got my new voter registration card this weekend; so now I can find out where I go to caucus!

caucus caucus caucus

Re: caucus caucus caucus

neat! I get to go to S.C.C.C.!