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i am not a stuffed tiger.

why not.

that said, people are walking around in packs looking cute in snow clothing, filling cafes. i passed a woman was cross country skiing up harrison. the university of washington closed after noon. parents are pulling children on sleds through the street and on the sidewalks. on every street corner, someone with a digital camera or video camera recording falling snow. and now, there's downtown seattle on CNN. people sledding on ironing boards from some guy's grandmother.

I need to go somewhere to buy a space heater, but using a flexcar to drive to Target doesn't seem like a good idea at all. Nor does using my oven for this purpose.


you don't think broadway fred meyer would have one?

are you still sick? we might be convinced to run heater-related errands for you, if so. no one should be cold AND sick.
I looked there this afternoon. They have a small electric fan heater, which maybe I should think about trying. I really wanted one of those oil based heaters.

I'm feeling reasonably better, but thanks for the offer!

good luck, kid!

I like the electric fan heaters better, the oil heater doesn't seem to do much.

Re: good luck, kid!

thanks for the advice. unfortunately for me, Fred Meyer is all out of space heaters. it turns out that the apartment is cold because the pilot light went out. hooray! it's like camping inside!